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The Translation Industry: Business Translation Services

comprised of two columns for the sake of consistency: in one column are the passages themselves, while in the other column are the translations she has decided upon for each one of the passage. Unsurprisingly, she refers to this second column frequently as she completes the work so that the same translation appears each time the problematic phrase or term appears in the work.

    While things will vary from interpreter to interpreter, Ms. Levy Riches estimates that human translators can translate between 1500 to 2000 words a day – although the latter figure is considered fairly high for a human translator. To speed things along, it is commonplace for translators to use translation software which includes word processors and terminology databases designed specifically for their profession – though many, like Ken Takeshita, are not impressed by translation software programs because they force the interpreter to frequently stop and update the database and break up the work rhythm.

 Business Translation Services

Why (Good) Translation Services in Business Matter: Website and Software Localization
    Today, more so than ever before, it is vital to connect with local markets – mostly because it is vital to connect with local markets – mostly because every one else is scrambling to do so in a highly competitive global business climate


in much the same way as a website or software program that is not localized to different markets will lose you customers. Marcel Vilanez of stresses that the most important thing companies can do is to make potential clients feel comfortable: “if they’re comfortable with you, they will trust you and will keep coming back.” With that in mind, so-called “little things,” like having a “shopping cart” for a North American market or “shopping basket” for a British audience; referring to football in a cultural reference for the US and hockey for Canadians. Having an interface that takes into account differences in local language or dialects, is critically important: if the customer feels that your site is too difficult to understand and/or to navigate, he or she will go with competitors or with local companies. Again, find a good translator and you can tap into markets you never dreamed of entering.

What to Look for in a Translator

Find a Native Speaker (if possible)
    Without question, native speakers are desirable because they understand better than anyone the subtleties of a language, the nuances of various dialects, and can appreciate the “ins and outs” of cultural references – references that, if used incorrectly, can insult or alienate potential customers. For the most part,’s translators specialize in translating between two languages: English and whatever the native language of the translator happens to be.

Find a Qualified, Experienced Translator with Professional Credentials
    As one can well-imagine, you need to find someone who has experience translating the type of document you want done; you also need to find

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