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The Translation Industry: Global Market

Translation for the Global Market

A Changing World:
The Emergence of the
Twenty-First Century Global Market

    The world, it is often said, is drawing closer together as communication technology improves and as national borders become more permeable. The inevitable result is that businesspeople from different cultures find themselves in close contact with one another more often – which inevitably means that translators are required to facilitate informational and professional exchanges. Even as this paper is being written, governments, lawyers, schools (particularly universities), doctors, and businesses of all shapes and sizes are using the services of translators to reach out to clients and associates – or prospective clients and associates – who are most comfortable communicating in another language. The demand is growing enormous, and businesses trying to get ahead in the twenty-first century are increasingly being made aware of the fact that quality translations in the languages and dialects of all target markets is essential to tapping into those markets and to building up the vital inter-personal relationships that facilitate success.


Changing Communities:
Urban Spaces in North America
Are Becoming More Diverse

    In 2007, North America is more dependent than ever before upon immigration for its continuing vitality and for economic growth. Within American and Canadian communities, more ethnic groups are present than ever before and with this comes more languages being spoken. For instance, according to a recent report released by the Toronto Task Force on Community Access and Equity, 170 different languages were identified in the city of Toronto by 1999; the same report estimated that more than half of the city’s then-population of 2.4 million would be comprised of identifiable minorities by the conclusion of 2001 (Task Force on Community Access and Equity, 1999).

Translation Agency CEO

    Marcel Vilanez, President of Toronto-based, tells us that businesses often forget the wide range of cultures within their own local communities; because of this, they often forget just how much they can increase their sales simply by translating their marketing materials into many different languages. At the same time, companies can be handsomely rewarded if they take the time to offer

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