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Technovate Translations is a Los Angeles-based professional translation company. We pride ourselves in providing clients with high-quality translations and the best customer service in the industry. Our Translation Specialists are available online through live chat or toll-free 24-hours a day. Call us to get a quote today! One of our friendly and knowledgeable Customer Care Representatives will be more than happy to assist you.

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Document Translation

Document Translation Los AngelesLos Angeles Translations works with an international team of professional translators. We are able to translate any type of document, into any target language! Our translators are available to work with customers within Los Angeles and the surrounding area, across North America, and Internationally.


Legal Translation

Legal Translation Los AngelesAt Los Angeles Translations, we understand the importance of receiving an accurate translation the first time. Our translators have the specialized legal knowledge required to be trusted with your important legal documents. Click below to read more about our efficient, accurate, and specialized legal translation services...


Financial Translation

Financial Translation Los AngelesBusiness and personal financial documents can be very difficult to understand - especially if they're not written in your native language. Hiring a translation company who has the specialized terminology required for accurate translation of financial documents and who can translate your financial documents into straightforward language is critical...


Marketing Translation

Marketing Translation Los AngelesYour marketing materials may very well be what drive profitability to your company. The LAST thing you need is to lose a big sale due to lack of understanding. This is where we come in! Our translating team will review your marketing materials with you in order to give you a clear, concise message you can take to any potential customer.


Medical Translation

Medical Translation Los AngelesFinding a translation company you can trust with their important medical documents is critical. Our experienced and professional translators can provide you with accurate translation of your most important medical documents! Give us a call today to find out more!


Website Translation / Localization

Website Translation Los AngelesIt is critical in today's global business environment that companies provide their online services in multiple languages. Providing information about your company and services in only one language can seriously harm your bottom line ... After all, what good is your website if potential clients can't understand it? In order to reach out to a wider (global) audience, consider website localization and watch your sales skyrocket!


Software Translation/ Localization

Software Translation Los AngelesIt is critical to good business practice for companies to make use of software translation and localization services for their online services in today's global business environment. We have a team of programmers and translators who are able to translate your software program thoroughly and flawlessly. Market your software internationally!


Interpreter Services

Interpreter Services Los AngelesIf you need on-the-spot translations for a business meeting, legal procedures or important functions .. you've come to the right place. Our team of professional, experienced, and friendly interpreters can help you through any situation in which there is a language barrier! Los Angeles Translations interpreters will work ...