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The Translation Industry: Costs and Quotes

it has on its roster translators like Susan Levy Riches who are experienced and highly-regarded. To wit, Ms. Levy Riches has, as mentioned, nearly 20 years of experience and has deep knowledge in a host of different fields. Mr. Ambartzumyan has nearly a decade’s worth of experience and Mr. Takeshita has been a full-time independent translator for nearly five years after many previous positions performing in a similar capacity for a variety of organizations. These people are skillful, well-experienced and knowledgeable and that is precisely what you should be looking for when it is your company’s credibility and success at stake.

Translation Costs

Always Ask for Rates and Get a
Quote, First

    Prices will vary from translator to translator and it is in your interest to find a translator who can produce quality work at a reasonable rate. Naturally, some types of documents – because of the technical expertise involved or the sheer length of the document – will cost more than will others; you should anticipate, for instance, that a legal document will be pricier than most other types of documents. Beyond that, as Marcel Vilanez of points out, the cost of translation between various languages will differ depending upon the availability of competent translators and depending upon the demand for such translations. For example, in Canada, translations between the two national


languages are in much higher demand, there are more French-English translators available, and such projects are more competitively priced.

    As a consumer, you should be aware of all of this so that there are no unexpected “surprises” when it comes time to make your purchase. Lastly, before moving onward, you can usually expect to pay in the range of $12-15 per page for a competently-done translation.

How Translators Do Things makes use of a new system beginning to take off in the translation industry: online databases where jobs are posted by category (length, language, specialty) and translators approved by the company can browse through available jobs and accept or decline them. This means that business can be much more efficient and that the companies using this system no longer have to wait upon one translator to reply regarding a given job; the first available and suitable translator can accept the job.

   Each of’s translators, once they have accepted a job, will start things off by looking at an assignment to see if it falls within his or her area of expertise. For example, Susan Levy Riches employs this approach and if she feels confident that she can do the assignment, Ms. Riches will take a word count, check the terminology, and prepare a quote; she will also – and this is true for Mr. Ambartzumyan as well – prepare a sample for clients to review if they request such a measure. The process is intended to be fair and transparent, and it certainly gives the client every opportunity to see the caliber of work they can expect beforehand.

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