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The Translation Industry: Certified Translators

someone who has a degree in translation or in a closely-related field. In Canada, someone who wishes to call him or herself a translator must have a bachelor or masters degree in translation in order to self-identify as a Certified Translator, Interpreter, or Terminologist.

Find Someone Who Has the Kind of Specialized Knowledge You Need

Certified Translators

    Susan Levy Riches indicates that nearly twenty years of experience have given her the ability to work comfortable in about 17 specialized fields. While Ms. Riches’ versatility is somewhat of an exception, it is vital to find translators who have specialized expertise in the required field, previous work experience in that field, or who have conducted research in that area – preferably on more than one occasion.

    Artur Ambartzumyan, another translator with, has specialized knowledge in the areas of law, finance, micro-biology, agriculture and health care. Mr. Ambartzumyan’s research methods involve using online dictionaries designed for translators like himself; he also is constantly upgrading his knowledge base via consultation with dictionary sources and consultation with experts in the specific field.

    As a last point, and by no means an idle one, some translators – like Mr. Ken


Takeshita – are able to carry on a full-time career specializing in just one area: In Mr. Takeshita’s case, that is the nuclear industry. Needless to say, if you can find a translator who has devoted his or her career to the study of just the sector you are involved in, that translator becomes a potentially valuable asset for your organization.

Don’t Base Your Choice of Translator simply on Price
    When it comes down to your business, finding a good translator for an important legal or technical document is critical: if the translation is sloppy, inaccurate or lacking in sophistication, it can result in misunderstandings between your business and a valued client or – particularly in the case of legal documents – distortions that may have grim implications for business contracts and/or for your legal entitlements in a business transaction. With that in mind, paying extra to get things done right is the very least you owe yourself.

Make Sure to Ask Companies with Whom You Deal What Level of Education and Experience Their Translators Have
    When you approach an organization about possibly translating some important documents for you, you need to be very forthright with them in terms of your own expectations and in terms of what the expectations of your clients or business associates are. Thus, you need to insist upon a basic level of competency – and you should request access to credentials and to previous work so that you are not paying someone else to do the work later you could have had done right the first time. is fortunate inasmuch as

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