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Software Translation/Localization

Software Localisation Los Angeles

If your software users are of more than one nationality, culture, or language, software translation or software localization could make your product more successful and accessible to your users. Making users comfortable with your software is a fundamental aspect of creating a successful software package.

Localization involves taking an internationalized product and customizing it for a specific market. This includes translating the software strings, rearranging the components to preserve the original look and feel after completing the translation process. It also involves customizing the formats such as date and time, paper size, the defaults, and even the logic depending on the targeted market.

Software localization is a process of translating software user interfaces from one language to another and adapting it to suit a foreign culture. This process is labor-intensive and often requires significant efforts from development teams. Los Angeles Translations is a division of Technovate Translations Inc. We are a leading translation company with unique services which enables us to provide a complete software localization solution. Our solutions help international customers to interact with the software seamlessly in their own language. Los Angeles Translations offers guidance and advice at all stages of their project, ensuring a successful delivery of every localized software product, on time and within budget.

The first thing we do when we receive a software translation/localization project is:

  1. We prepare a plan of the project with our client and note down what they would like the outcome of each stage/section to be.
  2. We inform the customer of any regulatory and cultural adaptation issues that need to be taken into account for their specific project.
  3. We begin translating the software program or material using our carefully organized quality assurance procedures.
  4. Each software localization project is completed within a consistent, quality-centric framework and the quality and workflow processes are adapted to integrate with existing client-side environments. Our management and production teams work in synchronization thereby maintaining control of every aspect of the process.

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