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Pharmaceutical Translation

Pharmaceutical TranslationAccuracy, meticulous attention to detail, and an understanding of the importance of getting everything perfect are all attributes the pharmaceutical industry shares with Technovate Translations.

International distribution of pharmaceuticals is a complicated process involving a considerable amount of paperwork that often requires translation. Technovate Translations staffs translators who specialize in medical and pharmacological subject matter. Whether bringing a drug to the international market, or collaborating across borders to develop a new drug, Technovate Translations is your best choice for pharmaceutical translations.

Technovate Translations offers Los Angeles area restaurants and other food service providers high quality translation services to help you reach new customers and serve them better. We offer the following services in over 150 languages:

We offer these services in over 150 languages:

  • Drug trial results translation
  • Translation of promotional materials for medical professionals
  • Translation of marketing material for the public
  • Pre-clinical data translation
  • Patent translation
  • Focus group data translation
  • Product label translation
  • Research report translation
  • Patient education pamphlet translation
  • Container inserts
  • International legislation and legal document translation

Technovate Translations offers premium quality translation services perfectly matched for pharmaceutical clients, at cost-effective rates.

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